Park Hopper Passes

The Adventure Begins with your Park Hopper Band!

With a swipe of your wrist you can open up the fun for Go-Karts, Ziplining,
Lazer Tag, Horseback Riding, and more!

The Adventure is Endless!

Park Hopper Passes


Having-Fun is Easier Than Ever!

Park Hopper Bands are an all-in-one armbands that maintain your adventure credits throughout your vacation with the greatest of ease.

Park Hopper Bands are sleek, comfortable, waterproof armbands made from a sturdy soft elastic material sporting all the locations you have access to during your vacation.

Depending on the package you purchase, you can simply walk up to the location, show your Park Hopper Band, and with one simple swipe you are ready to begin your next adventure.

Dubby Fun Cards work the same as the Park Hopper Bands. They are the size of a driver’s license or credit card and can slide into a wallet or pocketbook, reducing the need for multiple paper tickets and clumsy receipts.

Both the Dubby’s Park Hopper Band and the Dubby’s Fun Card keep track of your fun and can be interchangeable.

How to use your Park Hopper Band:

  • Collect all the fun on one band
  • Upgrade your fun at any of the participating locations & add it to your band at anytime
  • Collect game token credits to the largest arcade in the area
  • You can play for a day or use your credits throughout your vacation stay
  • Keep the band for your next visit to the Smoky Mountains and add more fun to your Park Hopper Band
  • Plus gain access to great discounts throughout the year at participating locations

How do I find all of the attractions included with the Park Hopper Packages?

There are a lot of fun attractions within the Park Hopper Packages. It is easy to find where they are located by DOWNLOADING OUR FREE SOUVENIR MAP of Pigeon Forge.

What if we have an emergency back home?

If you have an emergency back home and need to end the vacation short your credits will remain on your Park Hopper Band for as long as you keep it.


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